Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We've been tagged!!

Merlin, Shadow & Ko KO tagged us for another fun tag game! This time it's our favorite words... hmm... (please feel free to take credit where credit is due... these words were long made by the time we were even born!)

5.Beans - You can't live with them and you can't open the canned food without them!
4.Nipped out- So far Momo seems to be the only one here to claim ever really being nipped out... we need to hurry and grow up!
3. Crunchy Goodness - It wouldn't be 3am without this stuff.
2. Scritches - One of lifes many wonders...
1. Stinky Goodness - It's just not a day without it!

Mommah needs to let us blog more! ...Of course, we'd rather gaze outside than stare at the screen with the pretty weather we've been having lately...

Oooh- a bird!

Kitten in a bag

Help! I'm stuck!!

...he he heee... ok, maybe not, but I love tricking mommy by going into the big bag- for when I'm there no one can see me! It's my secret hiding place from my stinky sister Momo and smelly brother Beowulf!

-Buttons the Invisible Wonder Kitten

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Aw... is it time to wake up?

But Maaaaahm! Just five more minutes!

-Beowulf the Wonder Kitten

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Adventure of the Secret Paws!

It's here! Our Secret Paws gift is here- it's so pretty! We could tell

if was for us because everything with kitties on it is for us

(including mom's big magazines, but that's going off topic).

Beowulf: Oh boy oh boy... what's inside? Comeon, mom, let us in!

Buttons: Oooo- look at all the fun crinkly paper... can we play

with that too?!

Momo- Woah, look at all the food!

Beowulf- Look at all the toys!

Butons- (waaaayy in the back) Can I have the box now?

Buttons- Silly mommy... that toy doesn't go on my head-

it goes in my mouth! Now have it here...

Butons: Now that's more like it!

We love our pretty card too. Our Aunty Marri was

with us also and really loved it too!

Beowulf  had a ton of fun going crazy with the bouncy balls...

and Momo is still eyeing that food.

Momo: Hey mom, is it dinner yet??

Buttons after defeating the fleece string toy of wonderment!

And now it's Momo's turn to play with the fleece string toy!

She's aiming... she's getting ready for the attack...

And there she goes! Momma has a lot of pictures of our

lower half's as we jump to catch the toy!

Buttons: Cat treats! Cat treats!!! Let me in! Let me in!!!!

In total, Smeagol and Strider gave us... a lot of things... Buttons

to count everything and soon found out she couldn't count (the fact
that Momo and myself kept grabbing toys and putting them in our
hiding place didn't help).

We got... lots of Fancy Feast food, nummy cat treats, a whole lot of
crinkly and bouncy ball toys and these really cool swiggly toys that
are just the world's bestest things! And of course our wonderful card
and our new fun (and wonderfully decorated) box!

Thank you ever so much Smeagol
& Strider
! We love our gifts very much!

-Beowulf the Wonderkitten

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Up on the Monitor

The sun is out and shining brightly... the window is open with a breeze in the air. So why am I here atop of this big glowy box? Because we need to get our mom to get out from in front of it and play with us!

Also... in a completely serious note, we were deeply saddened to hear of Fig's untimely departure. We all wish your family well.

Merlin received his Secret Paws gift- we're glad he enjoyed it! This was out first Secret Paws and we hope to join in again as well!

-Buttons the Wonder Kitten

P.S. Momo wanted to say this:

I'm not sure what she meant, but she made sure to run up to the keyboard and type it, so it must be something important.

Monday, April 03, 2006

It finally happened

I've been threating to do it for the longest time... everytime it was open I would try and get out, but today I actually did it.

Today I ran away...

today I ran away to the inside of the underware drawer.

Daddy was so upset- he had to take all the drawers a part to get me out of there. But I finally reached the promise land... and boy was it super!

It was also kind of dark too... but today I boldly went where no other kitty (in this house) has gone before!

-Buttons the Wonderkitten