Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kitty Club

The first rule of the kitty club is that no one gets to sit in this tub but ME!

Me and Beowulf are doing good... lots of bird viewing and napping by the AC dad set up for us. My birthday is in a week or so... I wonder if mom is going to try and fit more kitty furniture in here for us for a birthday present?

Momo's pink eye (yes we finally know what it is) is looking a little better... not as good as it should after four weeks. Mommy says she wants to take her to a better doctor next time. They are going to take her to the vet again on Wednesday, but to a different doctor... they wanted to take her to the better doctor, but they were booked solid and daddy was going to work the next day and her eye looked so bad they didn't want to wait the extra week it would take to get her to the vet (mommy doesn't drive and walking would heat steam Momo before she got there!)... they wish they took her to the other vet for her check up two weeks ago, though.

-Buttons the Wonder Kitten