Saturday, May 27, 2006

The 27th post on the 27th day

Momo is still very sick... the doctor tried saying that she wasn't taking her meds, which we are... truth is, this is the four time since we had her that she's been on this medicine and we haven't even had her a year. She might be growing an immunity to it.

He put her on other meds and I'm regretting taking her to that doctor in the first place, but it was the only day we would have had a ride out anywhere/ he was the only one taking patients that day/ she really needed it.

Bleh... we're throw her a party next week. Last week we got her a Drinkwell of her own (just one of the cheaper versions... the less fancy trickle one) and gave her the room by the window, so she can bird hunt while Beowulf and Buttons watch her and try to take her food... do I really need to keep them separated for FOUR WEEKS now? She still cries from being so lonely... I'm tempted to just put them all together, but then the other two might get sick, oh it's all so bad.

Beowulf is annoyed and Buttons just wants her sister back. Momo has finally accepted the motion of pill taking as part of life now... I'm going to give her some treats, I feel so guilty just thinking about it.

Maybe we'll combine Buttons and Momo's birthdays instead, hers is in a couple of weeks, so I don't see why not.

-The Ever-worried Wonder Kitten Mama

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A bad month

The last month has been a bad one with the Wonder Kittens...

First, Buttons swallowed some string. A trip to emergency, a trip to the doctors a week later, X-Rays and lots of crying resulted in Buttons being ok. We still don't know what happened to string... we hope it passed and we just didn't find it (as much as we try, we're not the most observant of people). But, she's eating fine, not vomiting and was back to herself after her throat healed from all the projectile vomiting the emergency vets did on .

That was nearly three weeks ago.

A few days ago Momo's eye got infected. I've been very busy with my own issues (I had back issues with caused me to be unable to even get out of bed some days). I still don't know how it happened so fast... it's only in one eye though, so I think one of the other babies just got a little too rough.

She's still sick but recovering. The only problem is, we have to keep Momo from Buttons and Beowulf, making her very, very lonely. She misses her brother and sister dearly.

We've decided to celebrate Momo's birthday on the 27th, because we have no idea when it actually is (we got her early October and we're still not sure how old she really is because she was so malnourished that physically she looked months younger than she actually was, according to the decent and expensive vet we take her to now). I hope she's feeling better for a party.

-The Wonder Kitten Momma