Saturday, January 21, 2006


Mommy and Daddy came home from the "pound" today, only they were very happy and were gone a long time! Then they went and took a ton of things out of the room and moved things around- oh no!

And to make matters worse, there was THIS picture on Mommy's camera:

This can't be good!

-Momo the Wonder Kitten

Friday, January 20, 2006

Break time!

Mom spends a lot of her time in front of the computer... she says she does it so she can get us toys and food. I'm not sure I follow the logic about how one causes the other- but at the end of the day, when I'm on my super tall carpet tree, eatting treats, I really don't care.

But sometimes Mom spends too much time on the computer and stares a little too intently into it and not unto us, which is the cue for me to turn her eyes away from the glowing box and onto what's really important- me!... and sometimes Momo.

There's nothing more refreshing for a two-legged cat than giving us little four leggers a good scritching. :)

-Buttons the scritched Wonder Kitten

Dinner time!

Sorry for the missed day, dad was having trouble with their "website", I don't know the details, but then again neither do they. :P

Mom and Dad went to the "pound" today... something about adopting a little brother. I don't know too much about it, all I know is every time they come back from there, mom would be really sad because all the kitties there are too old because it was "disrupt the balance of our home", whatever that means... how can anyone be too old?

It was a lazy day. The folks went to see a "movie"- where they watch a really big tv - only with no commercials.

When they got home we get some of the good stuff to eat, the super nummy, super stinky goodness of tuna! Num- since Momo is getting a bit heavy we've been getting most of the crunchy stuff as of late. Stinky Momo, taking all the food AND making it hard for me to get the good stuff.

Hopefully tommrow I can get some more before Momo eats it all... we all have dreams.

-Buttons the Wonder Kitten

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Play Time!

Momma brought out the birdie on a stick! I wonder why it seems to only move when Momma is around...

Oh well, I'll leave the philosophizing to Buttons- all *I* care about is that it's out and I'm having a good ol' time attacking it!

And it turns out that Buttons' 6 month birthday was on the 15th. Opps. Poor mom is over-stressed and got her dates mixed up. Unfortunately due to our unexpectedly expensive vet visits over the past few weeks and the purchase of our super tall carpet tree, mom and dad are very much broke, so it was just as well that they didn't give her the birthday party...

They'll just have to make it up to her six months from now.

P.S. Mom and dad came home smelling of the "pound" today, I'm not sure what they were doing there- but I don't think they are up to any good.

-Momo the Wonder Kitten


Meant to post yesterday, but I've been so sleepy today, so was Momo. We got very playful by the end of the day. A little too playful for momma- I accidentally played behind her computer and made her loose all of her work. Sorry mom.

Ah well, I'll just nuzzle my nose on hers and she'll forgive me. :)

Back to sleep!

-Buttons the Wonder Kitten

Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm free! The vet gave me a clean bill of health and mom took down the sick jail! Now there's ton of room to run around...

Get into things I should'nt...

Groom myself wherever I please...

And of course, this one is my favorite one of all...

Play with Momo! We're having a great time! I hope I don't have to do that any time again soon!

-Buttons the Wonder Kitten

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sick Days

Buttons is in the sick jail! She'll be in the pokey till Monday.

Buttons is now home from the vet after getting "fixed". Funny- she doesn't seem any better- in fact, she seems to be more broken now! Her tummy is shaved and she has a big boo-boo and I can't play with her because of it! I really, really wanted to play with her too- I was crying all day long looking for her when she was away- I even kept up mom and dad up crying for her. My toys are not as fun when she is gone.

Buttons is spending most of her time in the sick jail, a 2x3 cage made of grid shelf parts. Mom wasn't expecting her to need it, so she had to make a quick one using clear sticky stuff to hold it together. Dad even bought Buttons a special one story cave thing just for her since she shouldn't be jumping around too much. Lucky girl! Mom lets her out to play in the rest of the flat every now and then but makes sure she doesn't get on the tall toys and tries to make sure I can't play with Buttons and have fun. >:(

I can't wait till Buttons is better, and quite frankly, I'm sure she feels the same way!

-Momo the Wonder Kitten


One of the first times we got along as a kitty family!

My first blog entry! First, it's time for a little introduction time!

First off, we are Buttons and Momo- two girl kittens brought together by our two-legged care takers. I'm Buttons, the beautiful gray kitten there. Since I'm such a smarty I shall be the one doing most of the writing (unless I'm sick, then Momo or possibly my two-legged mom may take to the keyboard)... I'm also the only one of us who has even tried my hand at typing (Momo just likes to watch cartoons on the computer :P). I came from a very large family of two momma cats and lots and lots of babies! Too many... I was a little smaller than the rest, but at least I got to go outside and play (unfortunately, I heard that a lot of my brothers and sisters died or ran away, poor things).
My human mom doesn't let me go outside, she says it's for my own good and tries to make sure I have a window to look out of in a nice tall space, but at the beginning I still wanted out. Now in days I'm happy with the tall window and so is Momo. Mom and dad thought I was a boy for the last five months, but when they took me to the vet to get me "fixed" (I wasn't aware I was broken!), they finally found out I was a beautiful, intelligent girl (not a handsome, intelligent boy :)!

I'm six months old now, or at least will be in 3 days! I hope mom throws me a party!

Momo's story, however, is a little more complicated...

Momo came from the mean streets of we don't know where. Mom found her in a scary place called a "pound" (it sounds quite painful to me!). She was sleeping most of the time mom visited her which made her worried because she didn't know what kind of personality Momo had. We found out it was because Momo was very sick with a cold. She seems to get them once a month- but at least they are getting less bad with each month. When mom and dad went to get Momo a week later, they left me all alone with nothing but my toys! Mean momma!

When they got Momo, they said there was a mix up with her gender... that she wasn't a boy, but a girl. This confused everyone, considering it was no mix-up at all... but oh well. Momo was really sick, her cry made her sound more like an old chain smoker than a two month old kitten and man was she SMALL! Mom only has one picture of her from the day they got her, because she looked so sick. The only one she had was from through the bars of the "Sick jail" where we go to recuperate when we are really sick. The vet said she had an eye infection, a nose infection and a bite on her back that was still bloody the day they got Momo! My goodness this "pound" sounds horrible! I never want to go there myself!

Momo and I were not the best of friends at the beginning. Mom though I was jealous, but she didn't get it- I was mad because another girl was here in the house! But after a week she sat us next to each other and I decided it was time to break the ice with her and groomed her ear. She really liked that and eventually we were the best of friends and we really miss each other when one of us has to go to the vets.

Mom and dad thought Momo was a month younger than me, but when they took her to a new and better vet, we found out she was six months old- the same age as me!

Well, that's how we all got together- and now Mom is letting me blog our daily adventures! We have a few back-logged stories to tell, so please enjoy!

-Buttons the wonder kitten

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Brand new!

Well, we're still getting the page going- wish us luck!

-Buttons and Momo